Athletes Forgiven For Horrible Crimes

Offering someone a second chance, whether or not they’ve done something truly despicable and sometimes unforgivable, tends to be a highly complicated issue that fully depends on the person offering the second chance and their own moral code. A lot of factors come into said second chance, including whether the person has earned the forgiveness, or whether their crime was too horrible for a new opportunity to shine. Athletes tend to be at the forefront of such incidents, but a lot of them end up forgiven due to their high-profile standing with the public. Here are athletes forgiven for committing horrible crimes.

Brandon Marshall


Brandon Marshall, a five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and New York Jets, has a history of domestic violence against his girlfriends and current wife. He was not charged with any crimes, and was forgiven for the incidents.

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