Celebrity Diet Cheaters

When you think of dieting, you probably think of having to follow some nutritional guidelines down to last letter for you to see results. However, did you know that it is possible to be successful at your dieting endeavors without being so rigid? If you’re not convinced this is true, take a look at these celebrities that prove that moderation is the key when cheating your diet.

Sandra Bullock


Known as one of America’s celebrity sweethearts, you probably thought that Sandra could do no wrong when it comes to dieting. Although she’s just like any other person, Sandra does maintain a very healthy diet. She regularly consumes steamed vegetables, brown rice, and black beans. But on those days when she can’t seem to fight the urge for sweets, she makes plans to indulge herself. She has an established cheat day in which she eats what she wants without a care in the world. She starts on Friday evening and doesn’t stop until Saturday evening. Of course, she knows that moderation is the key to success. Take a look at her career.

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