The Most Famous Celebrity Booties In The World

One of the great musical poets of our time once told us that “fat bottom girls you make the rocking world go round.” There’s another song that you’ve probably heard which is almost entirely a piece of poetry written to women who have “back.” It seems as though there have always been people that have had a serious fascination with women who are blessed with some serious booty. There are certainly a number of celebrities that seem to understand that and they’ve even cultivated the interest in their famous behinds. Check out our list and see the story behind 10 of the most famous celebrity booties in Hollywood and let us know if you think we’ve forgot any big time sexy butts.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is an interesting case, because the woman could still pass herself off as a supermodel despite being being over 40 years old. Perfect face, perfect chest and an rather large butt. It’s safe to assume it’s on purpose.

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