Richest Drug Lords In The World

Drug smuggling is one of the most lucrative, flourishing illegal businesses in the entire world, just after arms trafficking and human trafficking, which both make far too much money to even count. When it comes to a drug lord who has worked their way up from a simple peddler, the story tends to be convoluted with various side stories and acts of illegal activities. Money and power tend to be the basis for a drug lord, who tend to crave more of it as they go on. Here are the  richest drug lords in today’s world.

Ismael Zambada Garcia


Ismael Zambada Garcia, born January 1, 1948, hails from Mexico and headed the Sinaloa Cartel alongside El Chapo up until 2016. He has now assumed control following the arrest of El Chapo, making him a very powerful and rich figure in the drug world. His net worth is currently unknown, though it ranges into the tens of millions.

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