Richest People In China

China’s economy has been on the rise for decades – and that means that countless numbers of its citizens have seen their net worth go through the roof. From the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, who saw his net worth rise to over $20 billion dollars last year, or Wei Jianjun who sits atop Great Wall Motors, an SUV manufacturer, these individuals have made fortunes by innovating in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Which of course begs the question: who are the richest people in China? Well you’re in luck, we did some digging and here are the Top Richest People in China.

 Wang Chuanfu – $4.7 billion


Founder of BYD, a Chinese electric car maker, Wang Chuanfu has one more accomplishment of note beyond a net worth of over $4.7 billion: his company BYD counts famous American investor Warren Buffett as a shareholder.

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