Tricks And Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

Although every one of us is different, we all have body’s that can do tricks and weird things we have never even heard of before. You actually never know what your body can do these days. Thanks to technology and research, now we can learn new tricks our body can do from relieving aches and pains without medication to telling the future. Here are  tricks and weird things you didn’t know your body could do.

Do We Have Super Hearing?


Say, you are at a noisy concert but you are trying to hear what your friend is saying. If you turn to listen to them with your right ear when they are talking, you will hear them better because the right ear is better at tracking active talking. However, if you are trying to figure out what song is playing, turn to the radio with your left ear toward it to be able to determine the song. This works this way because the different hemispheres of the brain work better for different things.

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